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Urdu, as a language played pivotal role before and during our freedom struggle. Post independence it continued to be preferred language of not only Muslims but many non-Muslims as well. Testimony to its popularity and acceptance is the fact that presently it enjoys the status of Indian language of Indian Cinema (Urdu/Hindi) popularly known as Bollywood – the most popular and effective audio visual medium in the country. In terms of print media – Urdu newspapers and periodicals, the country did not see much growth compared to other popular languages of the country. Primary reason was dearth of a quality Urdu newspaper, there were a few published from here there. This was despite the fact that a sizable population (India’s' second largest majority) of the country ( approx 13%) still read and spoke it. Even today it enjoys the status of the second official language in six states. Thus there was an urgent need to cater to the information needs of this large community.

Sahara India Mass Communication, print media division of Sahara India Pariwar was the first media house to realize this. The prospective Urdu readers were as big as any other community in terms of their purchasing power and spending habits. Hitherto unexposed through a language of their own this large group was desperately looking for a national medium which could take care of their special information needs. Thus was born Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, India’s first National Urdu daily. Targeting Urdu readers in general and educated, affluent decision makers in the community whose voice matter in the society, in a short span of just a decade it has grown exponentially to reach the unmatched status of the largest selling Urdu daily in the country. Other sister Urdu publications of Sahara India Parivar are : Aalmi Sahara (National Urdu Weekly) and Bazm – e – Sahara (leading Urdu Monthly).

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara began its journey on February 4, 1999 from Lucknow. Before this it was born on October 02, 1991 in the form of a monthly magazine namely “Rashtriya Sahara” and then converted into a weekly on August 15, 1993 and then a daily from Lucknow. The Delhi edition was launched on June 2, 1999 and Gorakhpur on February 8, 2002. After consolidating its position in the market and a gap of over 4 years Sahara India Pariwar decided to expand its wings and Roznama Rashtriya Sahara was launched on March 31, 2006 from Mumbai, on May 05, 2006 from Kolkata, on July 20, 2006 from Patna, on August 31, 2006 from Hyderabad, on April 06, 2006 from Kanpur, on July 07, 2007 from Bangalore and the tenth edition from Ranchi on November 24, 2009.

Roznama Rashtriya Sahara is the most widely read Urdu daily of the country with a print run of 3.93 lacs copies every day and a readership base of over 31.51 lacs spread across the country. Aalmi Sahara, launched on May 10, 2003, is the leading national Urdu weekly of international standards which caters to the affluent and sensitive Urdu readers. The magazine can be compared to any leading English or language weekly in terms of content and printing quality. Bazm – e – Sahara, launched on December 21, 2008, is a national literary & life style family magazine with perfect binding. It is one of its kind in the country and has established a benchmark in the field of Urdu literary magazines.

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